Shape-up in lock-down: Week three of a six-week fitness challenge

By Jessica Ball

Teaming up with James Waters, owner of MFS 24/7 Gyms, this week The News brings you the third installment of Shape-up in lock-down: A six week fitness challenge.

Victorians are going to be in lock-down a little longer than hoped for, so now is time to challenge yourself to stay fit while staying home.

While it might be tempting to take refuge on the couch with comfort food, James said it was about making exercise a priority.

“COVID has brought some light to how important it is to be fit and healthy,” he said.

“It's important for not only your physical health but your mental health too.”

His gyms may be closed, but in the meantime James will bring home workout videos into your lounge room.

Week three challenge

In the third home workout, James is challenging you to get the most out of your screen time.

“This one is to be done while you’re watching your favourite television show,” he said.

“It is a complete core workout and you can do it for as long as you like or for the whole episode.”

The workout includes five exercises: hot hands, plank, sit-ups/crunches, leg raises and elbows to hands.

Get started by tuning into a television show of your choice and complete one of the exercises during the entirety of each ad break.

(No cheating the system by watching an ad-free streaming service.)

“How this will work is, you're watching your favourite TV show and as soon as an ad comes on, you’ll start doing your core exercise,” he said.

“Then when the show comes back on you can rest and watch.”

When the next ad break comes on, move on to the next exercise, and so on until the episode is finished.

Check out the video to watch James explain how to do each exercise correctly.

Tune in next Wednesday for the fourth installment of Shape-up in lock-down: A six week fitness challenge.

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