Shape-up in lock-down: First of a six-week fitness challenge

By Jessica Ball

Teaming up with James Waters, owner of MFS 24/7 Gyms, this week The News brings you the first installment of Shape-up in lock-down: A six week fitness challenge.

You can stay fit while staying home and James said he was excited help motivate people to keep active during these crazy times.

“With all gyms being closed and a lot of people working from home a lot of people are even more stagnant than they normally are,” James said.

“It’s more important now than ever to be active.

“I don’t care what that is, whether that is walking the dogs, playing with the kids, mowing the lawns or doing a whole bunch of our at-home work-outs that we’ll be doing over the next few weeks.”

These fitness routines cater for all fitness levels and do not require any specialist equipment.

Week one challenge

The challenge is simple: get moving.

Normally James would not recommend leaving exercise to chance but this week he has created a game to help keep you active.

“This is something you can do at home that doesn’t require anything except a dice. It's just a bit of fun,” he said.

With each number representing an exercise, roll the dice to determine which you will do.

Roll the dice again to work out how many repetitions you will do, or for planks how many seconds you will hold it.

James recommended setting a goal of 10 rolls of the dice and challenging yourself to do as many as you can.

In the video James shows you how to do each exercise correctly, including modifications to make it harder or easier.

Tune in every Wednesday for Shape-up in lock-down: A six week fitness challenge and every Friday for Shape-up in lock-down: A six week nutrition challenge.

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