The search is on to find a treasured wedding gift accidently donated to Vinnies

By Daneka Hill

Time is running out for a missing ceramic chook clock.

Accidentally donated to the St Vincent de Paul shop on Maude St, the chicken-themed clock was a treasured wedding gift.

The former clock owner, who didn’t want to be named because Shepparton was “too small a town”, said the classified ad she placed in Friday’s News was her last-ditch attempt at recovering the clock.

The clock went missing when she was moving house at the start of the year.

At the time she had just held a garage sale and there were “boxes all over the house”.

“When I couldn’t find my clock I went ‘oh no’ — I’ve had it since I was married, nearly 35 years,” she said.

The clock had been a gift from her then-husband, who knew how much she loved chickens.

The pair have only recently divorced — hence the move.

Described as being entirely ceramic and in the shape of a house, the clock has two ceramic chickens sitting on its “roof” and possibly two chickens attached to metal hangings, which look like a “swing” below the clock face.

The former clock owner has offered to compensate the new owner of the treasured clock if they bring the marriage memento home.

Phone 0408 541 526 if you believe you purchased the clock in question.


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