Mud is the best medicine

By Morgan Dyer

You've probably heard the old adage `happy as a pig in mud'; well, there were kids in mud at Nathalia and District Preschool last Thursday — and they were pretty happy about it too.

Using rainwater and soil donated from Nathalia Fertilises and Grain, the preschool celebrated International Mud Day as about 17 students pulled on their gumboots and wet weather gear and spent the morning rolling in the mud.

Preschool director Andrea Sutton said the day was all about connecting with others and the earth.

“The real importance about the day was connecting with each other, and there is no better way to do that than through our earth,” Ms Sutton said.

Ms Sutton said it was great to see the children indulge in an inexpensive age-old activity.

“We have been learning about being inclusive, and the children can see we are all the same when we are covered in mud,” Ms Sutton said.

“It doesn’t matter the language we speak or what our skin colour is, because we are all having fun in the mud.”

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