Council commits 30k to help secure Murchison Neighbourhood House

By Morgan Dyer

Greater Shepparton City Council has committed $30 000 to help Murchison Neighbourhood House remain in its existing premises.

Last week the house was advertised for sale after it was caught up in the larger liquidation of assets of Murchison Community Care, including the town's nursing home, which was placed into receivership last year.

The council’s commitment of funds is subject to the Neighbourhood House's committee of management obtaining enough money to be able to make an offer on the premises and the offer being accepted.

Neighbourhood House co-ordinator Jenny Lister said the committee welcomed council's commitment.

“Council recognises the work undertaken by the Neighbourhood House in the community and its importance for the delivery of services in Murchison,” she said.

Ms Lister said the committee was optimistic it would be able to obtain extra funds from other sources (which could not be named) to help with the purchase.

“We have a figure we are working towards,” she said.

“The sale amount is by expression of interest and we have no idea what the reserve or estimated price set by the liquidator is.”

City of Greater Shepparton Mayor Seema Abdullah said council was pleased to be able to support the potential purchase of the house.

“The Neighbourhood House provides services that are important to the local community, and this purchase would ensure that the house continues to operate and provide these services,” she said.

“The potential purchase of the building will go a long way to ensuring the future of Murchison Neighbourhood House, which is an integral part of the Murchison community.”

Expressions of interest for the building — which houses two residential units and a Men’s Shed and operates services such as maternal and child health services, the Goulburn Region Pre-School Association, a hairdresser and health professionals — are to be made to Gagliardi Scott Real Estate by Friday, June 12.

The payment is a one-off and does not commit council to any future maintenance costs or other expenses associated with the premises.

Doctors at the neighbouring Murchison Medical Centre have expressed their interest in acquiring the building in which the medical centre is housed after it was also advertised for sale last week by liquidators.

Practice manager Rachel Smith said staff at the centre wanted to continue providing medical services to the Murchison community and surrounding areas.

“The doctors await announcement of this process and hope their offer will be accepted,” Ms Smith said.

The sale of assets comes as the community waits and hopes for the revival of the nursing home, which closed its doors in February.

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