Huge fine for dog incident

By Ashlea Witoslawski

A Shepparton grandmother feared for the lives of her grandchildren and her beloved pet during a dog attack earlier this year, a court has heard.

Shepparton woman Rebecca Dean appeared at Shepparton Magistrates’ Court yesterday facing 10 charges from Greater Shepparton City Council against her bull terrier cross staghound, Jedda.

Representing Greater Shepparton City Council, Dawes and Vary Riordan lawyer Simon Pogue told the court a 67-year-old woman was walking her Maltese poodle named Teddy with her two grandchildren when the incident occurred.

The witness statement read to the court by Mr Pogue said Dean's dog escaped a Shepparton property and crossed the road where it grabbed the small dog on the face and the rear.

Mr Pogue said a witness reported Jedda at the rear of the smaller dog, which resulted in three deep puncture wounds.

The statement also said the woman’s grandson was pushed over by the bigger dog during the ordeal.

After the incident, Teddy was left bleeding and motionless on the footpath, with a laceration on his left eye among other lower body injuries which subsequently led to a hernia.

Mr Pogue said council was applying for vet, legal and pound fees at a total of $12,260.

Originally contesting the matters, Dean was not convinced Jedda caused the other dog's injuries.

“Had my dog bitten that dog there wouldn’t have been three small puncture wounds, it’s a large dog,” she said.

Judge Peter Mithen told the accused if she chose to contest the matters the fees could be higher, considering the dog had been previously found at large.

“The likelihood of succeeding from what I’ve heard today is not good,” Mr Mithen said.

“This is a serious issue.”

The accused decided to accept the charges and the $12,260 fine with 12 months to pay.


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