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Blaze guts Karramomus house

By Shepparton News

January 24, 1979

A weatherboard house at Karramomus was destroyed by fire early today.

Twenty firemen from four brigades fought the blaze for about an hour and mopping up continued throughout the morning.

No estimate of the damage has been made at this stage and the cause is being investigated.

It was originally feared people were trapped inside the house but firemen learned later the occupants were away.

The house is owned by Mr Cliff Sanderson, a greyhound owner, who may have been at a greyhound meeting last night.

By the time the Karramomus fire unit got to the scene about 5.20 am the entire house was ablaze.

There was little firemen could do but contain the fire to the house, although an attempt was made to extinguish the blaze.

Dry grass surrounding the house caught alight during the fire but firemen had this quickly extinguished.

As well as the fire units, including a unit from Shepparon, CFA regional officer Ron Russell also attended the fire.

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