Notre Dame College leaders react to university fee changes

By Madi Chwasta

The four Notre Dame College leaders have different ideas on what life after Year 12 will look like, with some impacted by the proposed university fee changes and others less so.

School captain Pat Cormican

“I'm going to take a gap year in the Defence Force, and then aim to do biomedical science at Monash or Melbourne after that, which I think will go down in cost.”

“The HECS debt doesn't worry me - I'm going to be at Uni long enough anyway.”

School vice-captain Arnika McGregor

“I want to do a Bachelor of Science, and I'm not sure what uni,” she said.

“It's a more recent decision - I originally wanted to do law.

“The cost of the course has consolidated that science was something I wanted to do.

“There'll be more jobs in the future, so it eased my mind.”

School captain Abbey Rumbiolo

“I'm taking a gap year, and then maybe something in health or science,” she said.

“But what I would choose to study at uni wouldn't go down in cost.

“I just want to take a break next year and work - I love earning money.”

School vice-captain Isaac Dowling

“I'm going to take a gap year next year, and then I want to study something to do with maths and science - probably logistics and analytics at RMIT" he said.

“The price change hasn't changed much for me.”


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