Corowa Indoor Bowls

With the club’s Covid-struck members coming out of isolation it was good to see a crowd again.

Sunday saw two teams on two wins on Sunday. Noel O’Rourke, Jan Webber, and Joan Adams were the winners on 17 and 15 with the runners-up on 15 and 15 being the team of Joe Wilson, Dot Roberts, and Anne Smith.

On Tuesday the club had only one two mat winners, on 16 and 16, and they were, Merylyn Milthorpe, Anne Smith, Sandra Dudziak, and Doreen Pleming. With the runners up on a win and a loss of 15 and 5, they were the team of, Jan Webber, Gus Sander, Dot Roberts, and Glenda Willett.

On Thursday the win went to Glenda Willett in the Minor Singles. And in the Championship Singles there were wins for Joe Wilson, Keith Evans, and Wayne Dowsey.

On Friday there was one clear two mat winning team with 17 and 16 and they were Gus Sander, Betty Clancy, and Jan Webber. With the runners-up on a loss and a win of 3 and 16 being, Joan Adams, Peter Manning, and Anne Smith.