A coffee craving hardly happens overnight

By Ilias Bakalla

Coffee, the delicious roasted bean beverage that comes in many forms.

Your coffee order says a lot about your state of mind and place in life without your knowledge.

Allow me to explain through my own journey.

My introduction to coffee came during that awkward phase in life where you’re still not an adult, but no longer view yourself as a child.

I was half-adult, half-child in my mid-teens drinking mochas.

The hot chocolate was enough to cut the bitter taste of coffee and allow me to feel somewhat like an adult.

The chocolate slowly weaned itself out of the liquid and on top of the frothy milk in a powdered form . . . cappuccinos.

There was still a chocolate-y flavour once the powder was stirred in but I was beginning to enjoy the flavour of coffee, or maybe the three sugars that I was putting in.

Eventually I cooled off on the sugars and moved to the inner-city for university, studying an arts degree with a major in gender studies.

I went vegetarian and flirted with veganism . . . one soy latte please.

When that phase passed, I found myself in a hospitality job where everyone smoked on their infrequent and sporadic breaks.

I began smoking to get more breaks and developed a love for a quick nicotine fix.

While on smoko, I had only minutes to satisfy my caffeine cravings too, there was no time for milk or excess water, get me my espresso!

I’d send it down the hatch between drags of my cigarette and head back into the restaurant for the evening meal service, all buzzed, wired and focussed.

Now life has mellowed out, I like a straight-up-and-down coffee, flat whites.

It’s a safe bet and good way to start the day.

On busy mornings, when I’m feeling disciplined and intimidated by the amount of work my editor expects me to do, I’ll get a long black with NO SUGAR.

I must earn the sweet treat.

I expect that as my hair goes grey and skin sags, my coffee order will adjust to the changes in my body.

To compensate for the loss of taste buds, I’ll start requesting it to be extra hot.

But for now, I’ll take my coffee flat and white thank you very much.

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