Shepparton councillor takes aim at ‘keyboard warriors’

By Spencer Fowler Steen

A Greater Shepparton City councillor has invited "keyboard warriors" questioning where council money went to look into the monthly contracts awarded by council under delegation.

At Tuesday's council meeting, Cr Les Oroszvary said an "enormous" amount of money rightly went towards infrastructure, citing council's awarded contracts listed in the meeting's agenda.

The contracts awarded under delegation, noted by council, included the construction of heating for Aquamoves’ outdoor 50 m pool, the supply of RPM bikes for Aquamoves, and a ‘designated area migration agreement business case'.

The three contracts together cost over $500,000 dollars, not including the nine other tenders advertised but not yet awarded.

Cr Oroszvary said the "general naysayers" on social media needed to take a look at the list of contracts awarded under delegation before questioning where council money was spent.

“I always find with great interest that if you get on the social media platforms and you read some of — I'll call it material — people put up talking about where council money goes, and the general naysayers and keyboard warriors that are critical,” he said.

“I often say to myself, maybe they should actually look at this agenda item and see where the actual money, the cost of running the municipality, goes.

“Infrastructure always costs an enormous amount of money — I think it's a very, very good idea and it should remain into the future.”

Council unanimously voted to acknowledge the tenders awarded as well as the ones publicly advertised, but not yet awarded.