Unusual surprise party at Shepparton Brewery

By Morgan Dyer

A Shepparton resident's recent surprise birthday party summed up socialising in 2020.

Chloe Innes-Irons got the surprise of her life walking into Shepparton Brewery earlier this month when she saw 25 of her closest family and friends sitting having a drink.

Well, kind of.

Her party guests were there in spirit, having been transformed into cardboard cut-outs.

Chloe said her father Mat came up with the “interesting idea” with the help of Mint Digital.

“Every year I love having a party to celebrate,” Chloe said.

“So, I was a bit down that I couldn’t have my big 30th party.”

Chloe had been having lunch at Little Lipari with her family when someone suggested they have a drink at Shepparton Brewery.

“We walked down to the brewery and even our dog was at the door,” Chloe said.

“I sat down and had a drink with everyone then we went to Downtown later in the night and took a few of the cut-outs with us,” she said with a laugh.

Chloe said the cutouts were currently stacked in her carport at home.

“Well, we could be using them more often depending on how long the restrictions continue for.”

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