Christine loves stepping and mooving around Shepparton

By James Bennett

Christine Tricarico spent most of June moving around her house and Shepparton.

As part of Greater Shepparton City Council's Get Mooving Challenge, the 69-year-old wasn't fazed by the 10,000 steps per day task. Instead she averaged 41,808 steps per day.

To save you searching for the calculator, that's 1,254,248 in 30 days.

It should come as no surprise that Mrs Tricarico finished in first place in the Get Mooving Challenge.

The question is, how did she do it?

“Every morning I got up and switched my pedometer on,” she said.

“I have a Wii Fit Balance Board so that was half an hour, then usually do a bit of house work.

“I'd go for a bike ride and convert it into steps. I’d walk up the stairs and hill at the back of the lake.

“Sometimes during the ads on TV, I would get up and jog on the spot. There were a lot of times I would get off my bike and continue to walk around the lake.

“After the first week it was quickly becoming a routine and I knew I had to keep doing it.”

Mrs Tricarico said during the first week she was averaging close to 60,000 steps per day.

During the challenge, Mrs Tricarico exercised for two to four hours per day and admitted being a retiree helped.

She said since starting the challenge she felt healthier.

“I really amazed myself; I didn’t think I would get anywhere near that,” she said.

“I hurt my hip back in October and I put on some weight because I couldn’t exercise.

“During the lock-down (due to the coronavirus pandemic) I felt uncomfortable and needed to do something.

“When I saw the challenge it was perfect because once I put my name down for something I commit to it.

“The best part was realising that I could actually get out there and do it."

Although Mrs Tricarico hasn’t exercised with the same intensity so far in July as she did in June, she has still continued to add to her mind-boggling step numbers.