Two more big Tatts winners

By James Bennett

Not one, not two, not even three but the Goulburn Valley has produced an incredible four division one Tattslotto winners in two weeks!

After two people won $740 000 last week, this week a Shepparton man and Cobram woman are walking away with more than $797 000.

The winning Shepparton ticket was sold at the Centre Fair Lotto on Maude St, as the lucky man will actually pocket $830 000 from Saturday's draw for scoring a division three 24 times.

How does the man intend to celebrate? Easy, crack open a bottle of whiskey.

"I was just about to head to bed on Saturday night when I checked the time and realised the TattsLotto results would be up,” he told the Lott.

"I checked my ticket on the app and thought ‘What the hell! That can’t be right!’ I couldn’t bloody believe it!

"I woke a family member up and told them I had won. They said ‘That can’t be right, now go back to bloody bed!’

"So I went back to bed and barely slept.

"I got up first thing in the morning and checked the numbers and that’s when I knew it was true!"

Saturday's winning ticket was also first for Centre Fair Lotto owner Vince Crivelli.

"We are thrilled to have sold our first division one winning entry!” he said.

"Our customers are very happy for us too! We wish our division one winner all the best!"

Realising you'd won a bucketload of money might make you do a double-take — but the Cobram woman just thought it was a hoax.

Now more than $797 000 richer, she couldn't believe her eyes when checking her numbers from Saturday's TattsLotto draw.

“I checked my ticket late on Saturday night and screamed for my daughter to come and double-check it for me," she said.

“I thought for sure it had to be a hoax. I just didn’t believe it could be real.

“I wasn’t going to believe it until it had been confirmed.''

But when the lucky winner received the usual call from the Lott, she knew it was real.

"I buy a QuickPick ticket every week, but I just never thought I’d win this much!” she said.

The woman revealed she planned to build a new home, as it had always been her dream.

"It’s hard to believe that that dream will come true now,'' she said.

"I can’t wait to get started on the build. It’s going to be fun!"

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