Briggs adds children’s author to his CV

By Morgan Dyer

Shepparton’s Adam Briggs has added children’s author to his growing list of titles.

The international rapper, record label owner, comedy writer and actor released the colourful book titled Our Home Our Heartbeat last month.

The book is adapted from Briggs’ song The Children Came Back and celebrates past and present indigenous legends as well as emerging generations.

Mr Briggs said the book signified a new and exciting chapter in children's indigenous publishing.

“I feel a lot of the music around indigenous subjects and topics were really reminiscent and mournful; not that it doesn’t have a place, but I just felt it was time for a little bit more celebratory and a little bit more triumph,” he said.

The book follows a group of children as they imitate their indigenous idols, including Adam Goodes, Sir Douglas Nicholls, Jess Mauboy, Cathy Freeman and many more.

Mr Briggs dedicated the book to future leaders, writing “our job is to be good so you can be great,” and called on people to “dream big, and without limits”.

Mr Briggs said at heart, the book honoured the oldest continuous culture on earth.

Mr Briggs became well known as a solo rapper in 2009, before co-founding the hip hop duo A.B. Original in 2016.

Mr Briggs was a writer and an actor for the second season of the ABC's sketch comedy program Black Comedy in 2016; he is a regular cast member on news satire program The Weekly with Charlie Pickering; and more recently became a writer for Matt Groening's new show Disenchantment.

The kids’ book comes as Mr Briggs released a new single called Extra Extra and is the first taste from his forthcoming EP and his first solo body of work since the album Sheplife in 2014 and the ever-acclaimed A.B. Original release titled Reclaim Australia in 2016.

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