Blast from the past: St Mary’s Mooroopna goes back in time

Old fashioned: Students of St Mary’s Mooroopna dressed as ‘people of the past’. Photo by Rechelle Zammit

If you had walked into St Mary’s Mooroopna on Thursday, you would have forgiven for thinking you had stepped back in time.

On one side of the playground was Amelia Earhart, flying high in her plane, on the other side three Einsteins were putting their brains together.

Dinosaurs, nurses, astronauts and more were all to be found at the school’s People of the Past dress-up day.

Check out the full suite of Rechelle Zammit’s photos.

Big smiles: (back) Layne Beks, Lily Turvey, (front) Khianna Hooker, Luna Beks and Mischa Bradley at St Mary’s Mooroopna. Photo by Rechelle Zammit
Flying high: Lila Demay, 8, dressed as Amelia Earhart. Photo by Rechelle Zammit
Dainty: Eva van Eyk, 7, looking very dignified. Photo by Rechelle Zammit
To the moon: Levi Crawford, 6, dressed as Neil Armstrong. Photo by Rechelle Zammit
Queens of Egypt: (back) Maddi Stanley, 11, Desiree Gray, 10, Cherie Smith, 10, (front) Nevaeh Forsyth, 11, and Aleyah Aziz, 8 all dressed as Cleopatra. Photo by Rechelle Zammit
Grease lightning: Zoe Pearson, 12, Ella Davkovski, 12, Caitlin Mandaradoni, 12, and (front) Sienna Tripoli, 11, dressed as Pink Ladies with Ashton Watts, 12, dressed as Danny. Photo by Rechelle Zammit
Prehistoric: Nate Crosbie, 5, Caleb Newman, 6, and Casey Hopkins, 6, went a long, long way back in time for their inspiration to dress as ‘people from the past’. Photo by Rechelle Zammit
Crikey: Logan Anstice, 8, channelling his inner Steve Irwin at St Mary’s Mooroopna. Photo by Rechelle Zammit
Caring: Eniliana Corish Zito, 11, as a nurse. Photo by Rechelle Zammit
Radicool, dude: Lanie Buttigieg, 11, was partying like it was 1969 on Thursday. Photo by Rechelle Zammit
Did someone say KFC?: Colonel Sanders, better known as St Mary’s Mooroopna student Harper Williams. Photo by Rechelle Zammit
Brain power: Budd Haig, 11, Isaac Lagana, 8, and Logan Hyland, 10, take a break from discovering the secrets of the universe to be in a photo. Photo by Rechelle Zammit