Music takes centre stage at St Georges Rd Primary

By Morgan Dyer

People from across the region may have been able to hear the laughter from the students of St Georges Rd Primary School yesterday.

The children took part in an interactive performance with the Music is Fun band.

The band performs a variety of songs, dances and skits which the children have the opportunity to participate in.

The South Australian band visits the school annually to bring smiles to hundreds of children’s faces.

School principal Kerrianne Souter said the school taught the students some of the songs and dances in the performance prior to the event.

“Just so that they know the music and so they know the era the music has come from, and about the instruments because it compliments the programs existing in the school's performing arts program each week,” Ms Souter said.

This year the school joined with students from Wilmot Rd Primary School and the Shepparton English Centre.

Ms Souter said the performance balanced the academic side of the children’s learning with the creative side of the school curriculum.

“There's a number of different musical items and skits, dances, instruments and throughout the program they introduce new rhythms, but we have prepared the kids prior so there is a high level of engagement and involvement from the kids,” she said.

The children took part in the performance by tapping, clapping, singing and dancing to ensure they could be involved in the performance in every way they could.