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Tattslotto winner ‘felt in her bones’ she would win

By Ed McLeish

January 9, 1979

Mrs May Fentham, 78, of Congupna is $85 602 and 32¢ richer.

A very calm and collected lady, Mrs Fentham was one of the 10 first division lotto winners.

“I wasn’t surprised, I had a feeling in my bones I would win,” she said.

A mother of five, grandmother of 20 and great-grandmother of 16, Mrs Fentham said the win would not change her lifestyle at all.

“My only regret is that I didn’t win all this money 50 years ago,” she laughed.

“We don’t really need all this money, but just the satisfaction of winning is terrific."

Her husband, Bill received more of a shock than her when he heard of the win.

Bill came out to Australia from England in the 1920s with only one pound in his pocket and great hopes in his head.

Since the big win, Bill has changed his views on Tattslotto.

“Bill was totally against Tattslotto, he used to say if you work hard for your money you shouldn’t gamble it away,” Mrs Fentham said.

Mrs Fentham, her husband and son Bill heard the news on the radio, but the three of them fell asleep when their winning numbers were replayed on television.

Mrs Fentham always takes the same numbers and plans to share the prize with her five children.

Shepparton also had another first division winner.

The lucky ticket was “Just Christine’s”.

Both tickets were sold by Lovell’s Newsagency in Shepparton.

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