Jobs growth potential at Aerodrome

By Daniel Hughes

A new development proposal being considered for the Tocumwal Aerodrome precinct could potentially create 10 to 15 new jobs.

Berrigan Shire Council has been approached to sell five hectares of land to the yet to be named ‘‘interested party’’.

Council general manager Rowan Perkins said the proposed development is a facility to develop a new product made from recyclable materials that ‘‘could have strong regional demand’’.

Mr Perkins said if the idea proceeds, there would be some benefit for the local area. ‘‘It will be good if we can attract the new business to the area, and we certainly welcome the job opportunities it will create for us,’’ he said.

The land being considered is in the south east corner of the Tocumwal Aerodrome.

Council said given the strong ability to provide for aviation related activities in the area as a whole, the proposed development at the aerodrome should ‘‘do little to inconvenience the industry’’.

The block is an an area of the aerodrome that is not yet connected to services, and only has unsealed road access.

While council anticipate the development will have a low demand for water and power, upgrades to the road access will be required.

Council said the interested party must complete risk and financial planning before the project can proceed.

‘‘The servicing costs are pretty high to set up in that area so they will have to see whether it’s viable for them to go ahead with the purchase of land,’’ Mr Perkins added.