Today I was going to talk about the incompetent minister for (rising) emissions, Angus Taylor. Yes the man of Watergate, Grassgate and Clovergate fame. The man who continuously lied to Barrie Cassidy on "Insiders" a few months ago when asked about Australia's rising carbon emissions.

Events of the last few days however have made me change tack and concentrate on our Pentecostal Prime Minister, Scott Morrison or Trump Lite if you prefer.

A couple of months ago the UN declared an extinction crisis, earlier this week the Donald has started proceedings to pull the US out of the Paris Climate Agreement AND force the EPA to roll back environmental controls on coal fired power plants  ( then today we have the news that 11,000 scientists from over 150 countries have warned that we are facing a climate emergency.

So what does our coal loving, happy clapping PM do? He rages against people and organisations protesting against the very companies that have got us into this mess in the first place by threatening to introduce laws against environmental activism and secondary boycotts.

As Mike Cannon-Brookes says "Choosing not to do business with companies that threaten the health of the planet is everyones basic right".

Can you remember that fine upstanding politician, George Christensen suggesting a boycott of Ben and Gerrys Ice Cream because they supported Gay Marriage? 

Or what about these conservative politicians telling consumers take their business to another bank or lending institution because the big four didn't pass on a full RBA interest rate cut?

How would those boycotts fare with Morrisons new protest busting, secondary boycott legalisation?

The hypocrisy is amazing.

Does Morrison not realise that it is his Governments lack of action on Climate issues that spawned these protests in the first place?

Does he truly believe that we don't need to do anything as "God" will fix it?

Australia has a long history of protesting for just causes, Womens Rights, The Anti Vietnam and Iraq war protests and Gay Rights to name a few.

The climate issue is bigger than all of them.

This autocratic Coalition Government is threatening to further curtail our basic democratic rights and we are sleepwalking right into their trap.

One day we will wake up and wonder "how did we get here?"

This it not the time for people to be "Quiet Australians". It is the Quiet Australians who voted for retention of their franking credits, negative gearing and new coal mines who elected this dangerous government!

You should hang your heads in shame!