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Council should introduce hard rubbish collection

By Shepparton News

This is the latest rubbish dumping effort in the Goulburn River precinct.

This problem has been going on for years.

I wrote about it in my manifesto last year and called for Greater Shepparton City Council to (among other things) give a free tip voucher to all residents and have a hard rubbish collection.

Now, those calls fell on deaf council ears and I don't want to go over old ground but lately there have been renewed calls for a hard rubbish collection from many residents.

Shepparton resident Paul Shaw recently asked the council to introduce a hard rubbish collection.

The council says it has consulted with the public, really?

What a load of rubbish!

I don't know anyone who was consulted and I certainly don't know anyone who thinks a hard rubbish collection is a bad idea.

A hard rubbish collection and tip vouchers would help reduce illegal dumping and unwanted items going to landfill as "one person's rubbish is another's treasure".

Introducing such a commonsense scheme would be a good way for the new Mayor, Cr Seema Abdullah, to show she is interested in doing practical things for our community and environment.

So how about it, the council?

Speaking of the new Mayor, I wonder if she is willing to push to have our council join about 50 other progressive Australian councils (including Sydney City Council) in declaring a climate emergency?

This declaration, as suggested by locals Robert McLean, John Pettigrew and Terry Court would show that our council is a leader not a follower.

Take no notice of the "flat earthers" who don't believe in climate change, we do not have time for that debate, it's been done and dusted.

Greater Shepparton City Council show some leadership, please.

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