Looking to support local musicians? Start streaming!

By Michael Von Güttner

There is no better way to experience music than live.

When sound fills otherwise empty air and the beat reverberates inside your own chest.

For the time being these events are not possible, leaving an empty spot in the lives of many around the Goulburn Valley — a bit off-kilter, like dancing without music.

And that empty spot is the energy of performers, who need support while they are unable to enliven audiences.

JL Productions’ Jamie Lea suggests a few ways for those who want to help keep local dynamos going through the social distancing period.

“Instead of streaming music from big international artists, listen to smaller acts,” she said.

“Rather than scrolling past (to the next song), make a comment or leave a review.”

More people listening to their material and sending a message of support for local groove-makers can encourage them to continue playing, she said.

Ms Lea encouraged those who had a disposable income and wanted to help to also support artists by purchasing records and other physical copies of music, as well as merchandise.

“Merch is huge money for artists and creators,” she said.

Artistry is not limited to the airways and as live is best to hear music, visual art is often best seen in person.

But as galleries have closed, compromises have been made.

Shepparton Art Museum is in the process of creating a virtual tour of its exhibitions and is currently testing how it can offer workshops online for people staying at home.

So there will be plenty for art lovers to tune into online, as SAM will progressively put into place its online features over the next six weeks.

Jamie Lea’s playlist on Spotify, Tunes from 3630, contains 85 songs from local artists.

Art enthusiasts can visit SAM’s website at www.sheppartonartmusum.com.au or find it on Instagram or Facebook.