Stadium sport returns

By Deniliquin Pastoral Times

Deniliquin Stadium sports has made a successful return with sport enthusiasts flocking for three local competitions during the week.
The Stadium hosted Mixed Netball on Monday, Ladies Netball on Tuesday and Men’s Basketball on Wednesday, with the action fierce on court.
Results from round one of each of the compeititons follow.

Monday Mixed Netball: 

Team Jukes 34 def. TDs 19.

Best Players: Frieda O’Sullivan, Kaila Park (Team Jukes); Catie Lewis, Andrew May (TDs).

Nikita’s Team 27 def. Danica’s Team 8.

Best Players: Carissa Holmberg, Ben Thorpe (Nikita’s Team); John Mitchell, Chris Hovenden (Danica’s Team).

Ambos 25 def. Tune Squad 18.

Best Players: Jared Lankow, Benji Hardman (Ambos); Alex Rourke, Emma Arthur (Tune Squad).

Care South Shakers 23 def. Afton’s Team 2.

Best Players: Tenille Blake, Nat Sampson (Shakers); Prue Meharry, Brook Begg (Afton’s Team).

Gallagher Fencing 28 def. Skye’s Team 27.

Best Players: Eloise Ritchie, Hayley Hall (Gallagher Fencing); Dane Maxwell, Bec Fitzpatrick (Skye’s Team).

Tuesday Ladies Netball:

Team Jefferies 36 def. The Chix 21

Best Players: Leah Blake, Hayley Denny (Team Jefferies); Kaila Park, Alana Coates (The Chix).

Rowdy Pineapples 33 def. Rovers 28.

Best Players: Bonnie Everett, Kat Wippel (Pineapples); Chrissy Hurst, Nicole Felmingham (Rovers).

CWS 47 def. Redeyes 12.

Best Players: Amber Farley, Jerah Henderson (CWS); Maddy Delahaye, Rani Briggs (Redeyes).

Wednesday Men’s Basketball:

Watters 41 def. Tune Squad 30.

Watters Points: John Allitt 18, Sam Bode 11, Ray Murphy 6.

Tune Squad Points: Jared Lankow 12, Jake Parsons 8, Lewis Habraken 5.

Best Players: John Allitt, Ray Murphy (Watters); Jared Lankow, Shane McGrath (Tune Squad).

Team Free 33 def. Globe Hotel 29.

Team Free Points: Cooper Willoughby 8, Josh Flight 8, Aiden Free 7, Ben East 5.

Globe Hotel Points: Dane Maxwell 13, Ryan MacDonald 7, Brett Macdonald 6.

Best Players: Cooper Willoughby, Aiden Free (Team Free); Dane Maxwell, Ryan MacDonald (Globe Hotel).

The Bricklayers 31 def. Rams 29.

Bricklayers Points: Mick Barnett 9, Ryan Brunker 6, Matt McDonald 5, Rhys Thommers 5.

Rams Points: Troy Bartlett 11, Terry Lumbar 4, Jamie Chadderton 4, Shannon Williams 4.

Best Players: Mick Barnett, Matt MacDonald (Bricklayers); Troy Bartlett, Jamie Chadderton (Rams).