Moira Shire guarantees funding for Scott Oval

By Cobram Courier

The various users groups of Scott Oval are calling on the Cobram community to help fund a vital redevelopment of the town's premier sporting facility.

Moira Shire Council has committed to funding the project but the Cobram community will still need to fund $150,000 of the estimated $386,000 project, in which the reserve's outdated clubrooms will be revamped.

The current building was constructed in the 1960s, with the existing change rooms and amenities in serious need of a makeover.

Cobram Football Netball Club president Peter Beasley said exciting times were ahead for all that use the facility.

“The Moira Shire has guaranteed us an amount of money for the redevelopment, but of course we've still got to tick all the boxes from the financial side,” he said.

“We've got a sub-committee driving the project now and we're very close to starting to approach the people we will need help from, supporters and past players and that sort of thing.

“It's exciting if we are able to raise the funds, the rooms are pretty disgusting, the toilets are past repair, not very nice and not really hygienic. There's a whole range of issue and we've been asking the Shire about this for the last few years.

“We know they're not flush with money so we're very fortunate they've given us this amount of money so we can address major issues.”

Along with the football and netball club, the Scott Oval facilities are used by the Cobram-Yarroweyah Cricket Club, the Cobram Country Cruisers Car Club and the Cobram Lions Club, along with the community in general.

Beasley called on the community to think of that range of users when money is being raised.

“We know times are tough for people but it is an opportunity to really help the community, not just the football and netball club,” he said.