The Bulls Eye - round one

By Yarrawonga Chronicle

Welcome back everyone. Winter comp is now under way and members hope all those who took the championships off had a great break, now back into the action once again. 

The club have a total of 13 teams again which is great to see. This season sees the returning team in the Bulls who haven’t played for a few seasons now and it is good to see the boys back out at the Bundalong Tavern as well. 

This is a great venue which several teams would not have yet experienced and thanks to the mixed grade comp, hopefully that will change. Now for the results of round one.

Mixed Grade

Royals 4 def Allsorts 3. M.Hopgood 3t, P.Roksandic 3t, J.Rodwell 3t, 117 peg, G.Crosbie 2t, D.Parker 1t, C.Sallows 1t.

Who Cares 7 def 41ers 0. J.Velja 2t, A.Davis 2t, M.Evans 2t, D.Johnson 2t.

Ski Club 6 def Sidekicks 1. B.Hughes 6t, T.Loomes 3t, B.Barker 5t, 107 peg,  S.Neil 4t, D.Leonard 2t, C.Dixon 1t.

Warriors 6 def Sultans 1. K.Stewart 2t, C.Hylnad 3t, I.Duus 3t, W.Boswell 5t, S.lynch 1t, D.Oliver 1t.

Golf Club 6 def Miss Hits 1. A.Cryer 9t, J.Walker 3t, J.Bakkum 3t, D.Thompson 1t, P.Skinner 3t, A.Wallace 1t, J.Denny 1t,A.Beggs 1t, M.Crawford 1t.

Bulls 5 def Carefactor 2. N.lindsay 2t, R.Lindsay 6t, M.Woodward 4t, J.Burns 3t, K.Watts 4t, A.Meloury 2t, R.Dixon 5t.

Pelicans had the bye.

Ladder after round 1: Who Cares 4/7, Ski Club 4/6, Golf Club 4/6, Warriors 4/6, Bulls 4/5, Royals 4/4, Allsorts 0/3, Carefactor 0/2, Sultans 0/1, Sidekicks 0/1, Miss Hits 0/1, 41ers 0/0.

Opens/Tournaments: The annual Yarrawonga v Griffith is coming up at the end of this month on the weekend of July 27 and 28 which will be held at the Clubhouse. Make sure you come down and say hello and come and cheer on Yarrawonga to win back the trophy.

Members Info: AGM will be held on the 30th of this month at 7pm. All positions will be vacant and up for grabs so if you want to have a crack come along and tackle the job head on. Hope to see everyone which will be a great opportunity to offer feedback or throw your suggestions at the committee.