Beanies, gloves and mallets

By Yarrawonga Chronicle

Snow gear on and off we went – to croquet! Everyone had a fantastic week on court despite the wild, wet, windy weather. It was great to see so many members out playing.

The wintery conditions added to the challenge across all four days of play with competition being tight and players needing to be very strategic in their shot selection. 

Short sharp games would have been great because it was so cold but many hoops were closely contested and kept players on their toes (which helped to keep them warm!)

Results Tuesday, July 9: This was the best day on court with 21 players competing with congratulations going to Nancye Wallace the winner on the day with 21 hoops. 

Play was so tight that after two games, there were four runners-up, all on 17 hoops apiece, well done Glen Martin, Lesley Dean, Tim Redfern and Nancy Brooks. Great fun and terrific team work across all pairs.

Thursday, July 11: Although only 12 members played, it was a challenging session which saw Lois Fiddes emerge as the winner with 18 hoops, followed by Nancy Brooks and Laurelle Spring as runners-up with 15 hoops each.

Friday and Saturday sessions also had a good representation from members with 17 players on Friday and 10 braving the conditions on Saturday. The new heaters in the club rooms were a welcome addition and made it very comfortable when players came in off court for morning tea.

On Tuesday the club had visitors from Richmond in South Australia, Glenn and Sue Martin. They have been travelling up and down the East Coast and love to call in to Yarrawonga and play croquet as part of their travels. 

Many of the Yarrawonga Mulwala members do the same thing on their travels and they are always keen to report back on the fun they have playing at other clubs. Glenn and Sue very much enjoyed their games.

Check out the team play picture featured today, the colours of the four balls shown are significant in golf croquet. Blue and Black are always paired, as are red and yellow. 

Once the toss is done, each player must follow a strict sequence of play according to the colour of the ball selected by the pair or individual player. In the case of singles games, each individual will play two balls each. Stay tuned next week to hear about “second colours”.

Invitation Reminder: Christmas in July Morning Tea – As mentioned last week, on Friday July 26 the Croquet Club will be having morning tea at the club rooms, located at the YMGCR and anyone is welcome. 

So come along and join in for Christmas in July. What time? Morning tea will be held between games 1 and 2 and will start at approximately 10.30am and only costs $5 for visitors. 

If you would also like to try a game of croquet for the first time, wear some flat sensible shoes and come at about 9.30am and members will help you start playing.

All the equipment is supplied and the selection of mallets will have something to suit your needs. 

Some players do have their own mallets and if you do want to purchase one, they are locally hand- made and are available off the rack or made to order, just enquire through the club.

Reminder to members: Next Thursday, July 18 is the Singles Competition, just arrive for play at usual time of 9am for 9.30am start.

For further information on Association Croquet, Golf Croquet or the club including membership, please contact Judi Welch on 0427678002 or email at [email protected]