Water supply warning

By Campaspe News

COLIBAN Water is reminding customers to be prepared with an alternative source of water for their fire plans this season.

Coliban Water chief operating officer Neville Pearce said bushfires can affect the water supply and customers should not rely on town water as part of their fire plans.

‘‘In the event of bushfire, water pressure or our ability to supply water may be affected,’’ he said.

‘‘Fire may impact on our ability to maintain enough water pressure to properties or to supply water if infrastructure is damaged.

‘‘If customers intend to defend their property as part of their fire plans, it is important to be prepared with another source of water if town water becomes limited or unavailable.

Mr Pearce said customers could consider installing a water tank specifically for firefighting purposes with a pump that is protected from radiant heat and not reliant on mains power supply.

‘‘It is also important to set aside drinking water during times of hot weather or fire danger days,’’he said.

CFA deputy chief officer Gavin Freeman said it is important to be aware of the fire danger ratings and if a district has been declared a total fire ban.

‘‘Being prepared is key to reducing risk when severe weather events are predicted,’’ he said.

‘‘You don’t have to live in the country to be at risk of fire. If you live near areas that have significant bush, forest or long grass then you need to plan and prepare for the fire season.

‘‘Understanding your level of risk is the first step in knowing what to do before and during a fire.

‘‘Leaving early is the safest option to protect yourself and your family.

‘‘Defending your home is very risky. Most houses are not constructed to withstand fires in severe, extreme and code red conditions.

‘‘I urge everyone to stay safe and have your fire plan ready.’’

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