End of an era mourned as Tatura supermarket closes

By Madeleine Byron

Tatura residents have taken to social media to express their sadness after one of the town’s iconic family businesses closed its doors on Friday.

FoodWorks Tatura customers were fronted with a notice on the shop door stating that the King family had made the decision to close as of Friday, July 12.

Tatura resident and former Greater Shepparton councillor Kevin ‘‘Gunna’’ Ryan said the closure was not a first for the town and sadly would not be the last.

‘‘Any business closure is not good for any town, especially a small town,’’ Mr Ryan said.

‘‘To have a supermarket shut down is going to be a significant loss and put a lot of pressure on the remaining stores to provide for the town.’’

The closure notice stated that the family hoped to find a buyer for the supermarket and liquor store — someone who would be privileged to work with the town, existing team, landlords and customers.

‘‘I think we may have taken it for granted that we had a choice, now we can only hope that someone will come along and reopen the business and I can assure them it’s a good business,’’ Mr Ryan said.

‘‘We can’t leave an empty space in the heart of the town.’’

Mr Ryan said unfortunately the closure of businesses was becoming a regular sight across the Goulburn Valley.

‘‘For our town it’s a real disappointment, extremely disappointing for the farming customers and the people of Tatura,’’ he said.

Lagozzino Top Pub Tatura owner Jenny Lagozzino took to Facebook to highlight the store’s commitment to the town.

‘‘The King family team were great supporters of our town and fellow businesses and I’m sad for them — 36 years is a long time to tender to a small town that has now grown to such a wonderful prosperous place to live for so many families,’’ Mrs Lagozzino said.

She said the town would always be thankful to the King family team.

‘‘They were kind supportive people that stood beside us to help raise funds for charity and tried to help many local charitable events, clubs and groups,’’ Mrs Lagozzino said.

The closure notice thanked the town for its support, custom and friendship for more than 30 years.