The Congolese community will unite this weekend and celebrate...

By Shepparton News

The Congolese community will unite this weekend and celebrate their independence with food, dancing, singing, face painting, games, history workshops, and do it yourself demonstrations.

Independence Day is significant for the Congolese community as it acknowledges the struggles of the cultures past.

President of the Goulburn Valley Congolese Community, Jean-Michel Batakane said the day will focus on informing children and youth about their culture and will teach them how to turn their cultural setbacks into strengths.

‘‘Independence day, is a day that every decedent of Congo should feel proud to be a part of’’ Mr Batakane said.

It’s the 59th Independence Day for the Congo and Mr Batakane said his community should feel proud to celebrate the important day.

‘‘Its different from war, it’s different from peace, independence means you choose to depend on yourself, choose to fight for what’s right, choose to protect the dignity of humanity and you choose to stand for justice and that’s what independence is,’’he said.

The celebration is open to everyone in the Shepparton community and will be held at St Pauls African House on Saturday July 6th from 2pm.

Mr Batakane said the Congolese youth have organised most of the activities taking place on the day.

‘‘People say youth are the future but we don’t often give them a chance to be the actual future, we keep trying to dictate them, instead of letting them do it for themselves’’ he said.

‘‘We have given them a lot of responsibility in organising this day’’ he said.

The day focuses on teaching youth about their culture but also to ensure the youth in the community are united.

Youth President for the Congolese community Lavi Anania, said everyone is welcome to come to the afternoon and will help people in the Shepparton community understand the Congolese culture.

‘‘The whole point of the afternoon is to promote our identity in the Shepparton community’’ Mr Anania said.

●For more information visit 59th Congolese independence Day Celebration on Facebook.