Wonder-ful talent to be showcased

By Deniliquin Pastoral Times

The Deniliquin Theatre Company is set to showcase local acting talent with its upcoming production of Alice in Wonderland.

There will be two performances of the play inspired by the famed Lewis Carrol novel and subsequent movies — one on March 16 and another on March 17.

Deniliquin Theatre Company founding member Sam Willis said the production is only possible through community support.

He said the company’s donut fundraiser last year raised $1500 toward the minimum $2000 needed for ‘‘rights of the play, costumes and sets’’.

He said Deniliquin Rotary Club generously donated the remaining $500.

‘‘We are very excited to share this with the community and create a conversation,’’ he said.

‘‘After noticing fluctuating interest, we would love to make our group more well known and appreciated.

‘‘We understand how much it means for kids to be part of a production.

‘‘We are creating our own costumes or, in some cases, having them made specifically for us.

‘‘We have already received many generous donations of fabric and costumes.’’

Participants in the local play range in age from seven to adulthood, showcasing a diverse knowledge of the arts and varying techniques.

Mr Willis said in addition to preparing for the play, Deniliquin Theatre Company will continue to provide weekly classes to anyone interested in drama and acting.

He said the company hopes to be able to host a production annually.

The cast has not yet been announced, with many playing dual roles or still undergoing the audition process.

Adult tickets will be $30 and children $15.

Keep an eye out for production advertising.

Tickets are available for purchase by visiting www.denitheatrecompany.com and following the prompts.