North East Regional Tennis Association

By Corowa Free Press

Section 1 - The freakish nature of the weather contributed to only a handful of games being completed this week. After a delayed start the Wang Lawn - Chiltern match got underway with Chiltern once again putting in an improved performance to at least have some scoreboard pressure on the Wang Lawn team. Unfortunately it that was only for a short period of time as Lawn kicked into gear and swept aside Chiltern in the mixed sets to record a comfortable victory. Lawn have now advanced to top of the ladder courtesy of the weather but they will return to the earth with a thud next week as they have the bye. Better players for Lawn this week were Wendy Hogan, Emily Brown and Janelle Hartwig, while for Chiltern Jono Keys, Jarrod McKinnar, Samantha Bennett, Brodie McKinnar and Tom Marriott didn’t disgrace themselves and held their own.  

Section 2 - Myrrhee recorded another victory against Boorhaman on Saturday and continue to demonstrate a willingness to play as a team. Although they were probably expecting an easy win against Boorhaman based on their ladder positions, this proved not to be the case as Boorhaman provided stern opposition. After the initial sets Boorhaman were on level terms with Myrrhee and by the mixed sets Boorhaman were within a stone’s throw of causing an upset. But the Myrrhee ensured that the victory would be theirs by winning two mixed sets and putting to rest the Boorhaman dream of an upset. Myrrhee’s Dylan Van Berlo, Peter Allen, Cathy Van Berlo and Melissa Pinn carried the hopes of the Myrrhee team while Merryn Byrne, Kane Tyers, Shirley Fuller and Hayley Thomsom battled against the might of the Myrrhee team.

Section 3 - Wahgunyah Red (Wayne Johnstone, Gordon Sawyer, Peter Treberly and Tye Callow) put the final nail into Rutherglen Blue’s (Mark Stones, Sarah White, James White and Emma Stones) hopes of playing finals this year. Wahgunyah Red held sway most of the day and managed to record an easy victory. The highlight of the match was the fact that Mark and Wayne played the maximum number of games possible (45) and it was Mark Stones who had the advantage in the end 23-22. Corowa (David Strachan, Haydn Davies, Jack King and Tom Forrest) kept their finals hopes alive with a strong win against Wooragee (Jessica Knoth, Lucy O’Connor, Connor Maher and Ben McInnes). At no stage did Wooragee threaten Corowa due to the efforts of David and Haydn who showed why Corowa can’t be discounted in the run to the finals.


Section 1: Wang Lawn 9-85 def Chiltern 3-47, Corowa Blue - Wang Hardcourt W/O.

Section 2: Myrrhee 7-79 def Boorhaman 5-63, Everton - Wang Hardcourt W/O.

Section 3: Wahgunyah Red 4-46 def Rutherglen Blue 2-28, Corowa 5-45 def Wooragee 1-24, Wahgunyah Sth 6-48 def Rutherglen Red 0-0, Wahgunyah United-Wahgunyah Blue W/O. 

Under 15: Chiltern 6-39 def Beechworth 1-14, Wooragee 6-38 def Corowa 1-20.  


Section 1: Wang Lawn 110, Corowa Red 108, Wang Hardcourt 105, Corowa Blue 59, Chiltern 30. 

Section 2: Myrrhee 151, Everton 117, Wang Hardcourt 86, Boorhaman 68. 

Section 3: Wahgunyah Red 93, Wahgunyah Sth 85, Wahgunyah United 76, Wahgunyah Blue 73, Corowa 70, Rutherglen Blue 58, Wooragee 26, Rutherglen Red 1. 

Under 15: Wahgunyah 84, Wooragee 70, Corowa 49, Chiltern 37, Beechworth 13.