Slow start hurts Bats

By Benalla Ensign


The Bats were slow to start again this week, but brought the scores back to level by three-quarter time against Moyhu.

Unfortunately in the end though they were unable to get up and going in the final quarter, falling short by three goals.

The shooting combo of Emily Neilson and Erin O’Brien proved dangerous for the Bats, as they played hard all game, getting a number of rebounds and intercepts.

Midcourt players Catherine Masters, Mya Bye and Elise Nolan ran hard and put on great defensive pressure, while defenders Ally Ellis, Chelsea Beavis and Georgia Thomson had a hard task against accurate shooters and applied great pressure all game.

Final score: Moyhu 47 def Goorambat 44

Best players: Catherine Masters, Emily Neilson and Erin O’Brien


Goorambat came out firing this week and played some great netball to only fall short by seven points against Moyhu.

Defenders Nina Gardiner, Fiona Doig and Ellie Culhane made it difficult for the shooters and feeders all game.

Chloe Trevena, Kirsten Hooper and Georgia Hooper made great drives and fed well to the shooters, while Brittney Harris and Kate Nolan showed great improvement this week and are really starting to find their form.

Final score: Moyhu 37 def Goorambat 30

Best players: Kirsten Hooper, Kate Nolan and Nina Gardiner


Saturday’s match was B-reserve’s best game of the season by far, despite their 18-goal defeat.

Tali Wallace in goal shooter shot well, rebounded a number of balls and provided movement in the circle.

Ashley Rice also stood out, providing strong defensive pressure, while Chloe Cook was arguably best-on-court, remaining positive and calm to shoot brilliantly.

Final score: Moyhu 44 def Goorambat 26

Best players: Chloe Cook, Ashley Rice and Tali Wallace


The ‘‘baby Bats’’ played their best game to date against Moyhu, though ultimately fell 29 goals short.

After taking things back to basics at training the Bats went out strong on Saturday, right down to their defensive pressure and shooting.

Ainsley Gilchrist and Jacinta Beavis found their groove in the shooting end this week and were able to find movement in the ring.

Amelia McIntosh focused on her defending skills and was able to make it hard for Moyhu’s shooters to get into the ring, while Haylea Montgomery stepped up this week, focusing on feeding the ball into the shooters.

Final score: Moyhu 48 def Goorambat 19

Best players: Amelia McIntosh, Ainsley Gilchrist and Haylea Montgomery