Dunnies are in a real Badda state

By Simon Ruppert

I once visited a small gypsy town in Eastern Europe with no plumbing and a communal toilet — until yesterday that toilet was the most disgusting thing I had ever seen.

A quick trip out to Baddaginnie would change all of that.

The Ensign was contacted by a concerned resident who explained that the Baddaginnie public toilets had no water supply — but were still being used.

Unfortunately, both turned out to be true.

From the outside you would have no idea. The building is clean and the gardens maintained.

However push the door open and it’s a very different story.

Baddaginnie resident Lisa Georgeson said local people had no idea why the water was off and why the toilets had not been cleaned.

‘‘Three months ago the water was turned off for the fire season,’’ Ms Georgeson said.

‘‘They have not been able to flush since and it’s obviously got to a point where people have used them without flushing and now there is a sewage issue.

‘‘It has been raised with council ... but there has been no attempt to rectify (the situation) which is quite concerning and is an obvious health risk.’’

Benalla Rural City chief executive Dom Testoni said while the cleaning and maintenance of the Baddaginnie toilets was the responsibility of council the water supply was controlled by the Baddaginnie Water Cooperative Limited.

He confirmed the toilets were closed when the water supply was disconnected and signage warned people not to use them.

‘‘The council continues to advise people not to use the toilets,’’ Mr Testoni said.

‘‘Until the water supply can be returned to the site and the toilets can be cleaned and assessed as fit for purpose, they will remain out of service.

‘‘We are continuing to work with the Baddaginnie Water Cooperative Limited regarding the return of the water supply.’’

In the meantime, if you do get the urge to use the facility, bare in mind that the ‘‘closed’’ signs have been removed — and unless you have a strong stomach avoid opening the doors at all costs.