Sky Narrazee reaches worldwide number one for Mathletics

By Madi Chwasta

Sky Narrazee has reached number one in the world for Mathletics after a 16-hour-long equations blitz.

The Shepparton Christian College Prep student reached third in the world last month, and gunned for the top international spot last Thursday.

The online game gives points based the number of questions and the accuracy of answers within a 24-hour-period and is played by three million students across the globe.

Sky started playing at 6.30 am and continued until 10.30 pm, answering more than 1000 questions.

“We kept asking whether he was okay, but he was more than happy to keep going,” dad Naz said.

But he didn't do it alone.

Sky's parents Naz and Ashley and little brother Lill were encouraging him along the way, and his Prep teacher Mrs King was on hand to lend support via message.

When Sky made the top spot (about 7 pm), he didn't enjoy it for too long.

He had a little "celebration dance" and went back to the computer for another few hours to cement his lead.

As for what's next, his parents say they are "mathleticsed-out" and will foster his talent through other means.

But Sky isn't sick of it just yet.

“I still want to play,” he said.