Shepparton Police respond to high road toll

By Myles Peterson

Shepparton Police are out in force again today in response to the high road toll experienced in the region in 2019, which has already eclipsed last year’s total.

Acting Sergeant David Brierley said “Operation Preventable” is being run to assure and educate the public over road safety.

“We’re doing an operation – it’s called Operation Preventable. We’re doing it in relation to how many accidents we’ve had this year in the Shepparton.”

Shepparton Police will be maintaining a much more visible presence on the region’s roads and stepping up enforcement, according to Sgt Brierly.

“We had four fatalities last year and we’ve had five already this year. It’s been a horror start, so we’re just trying to show the public there will be a higher police presence on the roads.”

The new operation follows Operation Arid that ran over the recent long weekend.

Arid saw 78 drivers booked in the region, including seven for drink driving, one for driving while drug affects and 50 for speeding.

State-wide 8768 infringements were detected.