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May 19, 2017

IGA is all we need in the north

- Peter Martin, Shepparton

Reading the article ‘Retail views at odds’ (The News, May 17), I wondered how an appreciation could be so faulty.

Riverside and Marketplace only have one supermarket, so the the notion of competition is not based on fact nor does it relate to the reality of this city.

The current IGA store not only has development plans but it is also an effective and well-managed operation.

Having shopped in that store for more than 30 years, I have found the staff exceptionally friendly and helpful and they have a zest for assisting their clientele.

This is not mirrored in their competitors’ operations, which seem to be geared to maximising profit rather that service.

Likewise, the greatest concern I have relates to the young members of the staff, mainly casuals, and who are still students.

This employment opportunity has seen many able to go to university and assisted them to complete their education which otherwise they may not have been able to do.

Again, one of the enjoyments I gain from shopping at IGA is the rapport one is able to develop with these youngsters who, without exception, are a great group of people and a credit to their parents.

To see any opportunity taken which attacks the great efforts that IGA has taken to train, encourage and lead these youngsters into accepting responsibilities should be curtailed.

There is absolutely no need for another shopping complex in addition to IGA and any further development in actual fact needs to take place within the central business district.

To me reading the article I question the motives — is it bullying or is it greed?

There is more to life than money. Life relates to people who are the customers.

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