Ukraine bans 13 foreign journalists

Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) servicemen
Ukrainian authorities have set strict rules for the publication of images of sites hit by Russia. -AP

The Ukrainian secret service SBU has issued entry bans for 13 foreign journalists for producing "commissioned material for the Kremlin propagandists" since the war began in late February.

"In their provocative 'stories,' they published disinformation about the situation at the front and discredited Ukrainian military," the agency said in a statement on Friday.

The entry ban initially applies for three years.

In one case, a Dutch journalist was deported after publishing photos of a fuel depot in Odessa which was hit by rockets. 

The ban was extended to 10 years after he tried to re-enter the country.

When the war began, the authorities set strict rules for the publication of pictures of civilian and military objects hit by Russian troops.

The censorship under martial law also prohibits reporting about the movements and positions of the Ukrainian military.

Foreign journalists face charges of espionage in addition to expulsion for violations.

The SBU also announced the arrest of Ukrainian government critics, including the Odessa journalist Yuri Tkachev. 

He has been in pre-trial detention for almost two months for allegedly possessing weapons illegally.