Tat Chat: Merrigum Golf

By Laura Briggs

It was another perfect day for golf on Saturday as Merrigum golfers contested a stroke round for the Privilege Cup and it was also the sixth round of the eclectic.

Least putts sponsored by Simon and Tash Doherty was also up for grabs.

As far as the eclectic goes there may not be too much work to be done on that because scores did not reflect the conditions of the day.

Three players all had 75 nett which was not all that flash really.

Rod Newham got the honours in the three-way countback with his score of 106-31-75, but he did have a fantastic back nine which put him ahead of the two ball competition winners who also finished on the same score.

Those two players were Simon Doherty and Phil Savage (obviously the cabbage leaves have worked a miracle on Phil's elbow) who scored 88-13-75 and 96-21-75 respectively.

For those who are suffering from injuries, Phil is available for consultation as he imparts a wealth of new-found medical knowledge.

Nearest the pins were won by Rod Newham on the ninth, Barry Webber on the jackpot 12th and Ash Sanders on the 14th.

Simon Doherty won least putts with 28, however, the chook shed challenge jackpots because of a tie. An outright winner is required otherwise it jackpots to the following week.

On Sunday, the Merrigum Lions sponsored the annual 27 holes open championship and, while the day was not quite as warm as the Saturday, it was still a pleasant day for a hit of golf.

Bruce Brown was the winner of the Wilson trophy for the best scratch score of the day, 127, some seven shots ahead of the next best.

The B-grade scratch winner was Bryce Johnston with 143. The A and B-grade winners respectively in the handicap events were; 27 holes, John Fuller 115.5 and Rod Newham 107.5. 18 holes, James Campbell 75 and Darryl Johnston 75. 9 holes, Andrew Wood 36.5 and Jeff Newham 34.5.

Rod Newham won the B-grade nearest the pin on the 12th, while no A-grade players could find the ninth. Once again, the club would like to thank the Merrigum Lions for their support which has been ongoing for many years now.

This coming Saturday's event is par.