Australian Cricket Institute releases new digital resource for coaches

By Aydin Payne

Cricket coaching is set to get a whole lot easier for next summer after an exciting announcement from the Australian Cricket Institute.

On Monday the national cricket institute announced the Coach Assist Program, a new digital resource which is set to help volunteers learn more about the art of coaching.

The digital resource — which is targeted at busy and inexperienced volunteers — provides clubs with a weekly session plan that covers each age group over a full-season.

Clubs will be able to gain access to videos which show how to effectively execute drills and activities for their volunteer coaches.

And it's also designed to help improve training structures for clubs.

Players will be able to develop specific parts of their game, which the Australian Cricket Institute hopes will create a quality and engaging environment at training.

The institute's decision for the revolutionary program comes after it developed more than 2500 cricketers in its programs in the past four years.

Institute co-founder Joel Hamilton believes volunteer coaches need more support with their programs.

“Volunteer coaches do a fantastic job, but most of the time they’re just mums, dads or young players who don’t really have a lot of experience,” Hamilton said.

“The Coach Assist Program is designed to remove the stress of volunteer coaches and reduce the workload of junior co-ordinators and presidents.

“We're not taking away their job, we're just freeing them up to focus on other impactful areas to grow the club.”

As well as the Coach Assist Program, coaches who hope to advance their skills to the next level will be able to have access to the Coaches Vault.

The Coaches Vault will allow coaches the chance to be involved in a community with hundreds of other coaches who are looking to take their careers to the next level.