Longwood laying the foundation for future success

By Tyler Maher

Mick Galvin was not born yesterday.

He knows wins might be hard to come by for Longwood in the Kyabram District League this season – as they have been for a while.

But that’s not his main goal for this campaign.

The Redlegs need to first build the Longwood brand back up to the heights Galvin knows it can reach.

“It’s looking like a young squad and it’s going to be one of those development-type years,” he said.

“The wins will come; we just have to try and get the boys together and build something together.

“Teaching people how to win is very hard; if you get used to losing you can get yourself into winning positions and not know where to go from there.

“Towards the end of last year, we had 12 players doubling up every week and you just can’t be competitive doing that, you’ve got to build the squad first.

“We really want to push the Longwood name back up there, everyone in the community wants us to get back up there and we’ve had a few more local faces come down this year which is great.”

Among the inclusions for Longwood ahead of the looming campaign are Galvin’s nephew Seth, Glenroy pairing Trent Cox and Alexander Edmunds and Whittlesea’s Jarod Coco.

And although Galvin has a full summer as a Redleg under this belt this season – compared to last year’s late arrival – getting his entire squad together has still been tough.

“We’re in a bit better shape than we were this time last year, a bit more organised and on top of things,” he said.

“When you’re pulling from four major towns – Bendigo, Shepparton, Seymour and Melbourne – it can be hard to get everyone together at training.

“They’re all getting together as groups and training but working on structures and game plans has to wait until everyone is together.

“Brett Henderson (former TAC Cup coach) is coming down to work on stoppages around the ball; we won a few stoppage counts last year but couldn’t spread well enough out of them to make the most of it.”

Fast facts


2019 FINISH: 14TH (1-1-14)





IN: Trent Cox, Alexander Edmunds (Glenroy), Jarod Coco (Whittlesea), Seth Galvin (Eaglehawk)

OUT: Julian Ross, Rob Mullen