Editorial | Sport never stops - even when it does

By Tyler Maher

It is a conversation as mundane as any for a regional sports editor.

“How's it going mate? I bet you're pretty busy with — insert current finals series here — going on,” someone would ask.

“Yeah mate, you know how it is. Sport never stops,” would be my automatic reply.

I now realise how much I took that flippant phrase for granted.

The current Covid-19 — or coronavirus — pandemic has forced us all to face the reality that, in fact, sport does stop in the face of a global crisis.

Sport has always been there for all of us — in great times, but also through heartbreaking events.

You only have to look at the recent bushfires in Australia, where the way most people dealt with losing everything was to turn to their local sporting clubs for a leg-up as well as the chance to put a smile on their face.

But maybe that is the point.

While there may not be any balls kicked, goals scored or laps run — the latter a ray of light for those of us who never put a pre-season in — across most sports over the next few months, the connection we all feel to the clubs we belong to will not waver.

And when this all blows over, sport will be the tool through which communities in the Goulburn Valley and beyond rekindle their social interactions and begin to rebuild what may be lost in the coming weeks.

Another thing that will not stop in this region is sports journalism.

I can tell you unequivocally that The News sports team will still work its collective fingers to the bone to help you fill the void of live action and pass the time during any possible isolation you might find yourself in.

We will not abandon our post and are set to delve into a myriad of profiles of long-serving club men and women, new faces you may not have met yet and touch base with our exports on the biggest stage and what the current sporting climate might mean for their hopes and dreams.

There is also plenty of fun on the cards — but keep an eye out for that later on.

Next week the annual McPherson Media Group Football-Netball Magazine will be available in The News — on Friday to be exact — and while the respective seasons of those covered in the publication seem far away at the moment, we felt it was important to get the content into your hands as soon as we could to hopefully help lift spirits across the region somewhat.

New venture The Four Sportsmen will still go ahead as well, beaming our team straight to your ears in the form of a podcast to keep us all connected throughout these uncertain times.

So, while the courts, ovals and fields may be empty, will still be full — so make sure you come along for the ride.