SLAC has big Region Track and Field Carnival

By Alex Mitchell

Such is the amount of gold the club is finding, Shepparton Little Athletics Club is considering a name change to the Shepparton Miners Association.

Club members went to town at the Bendigo-hosted Region Track and Field Carnival, claiming a staggering 55 medals - 24 gold, 16 silver and 15 bronze.

But that was not all - three team members left with Northern Country Region Records.

Alice Ledlow broke the under-12 girls shot put record with 12.46m, Reeve Evans broke the under-13 boys 80m hurdles mark with 13.02 while Gretel Holmes set three under-16 girls records in the 100m (13.51), 200m (26.72) and 400m (1:01.59).

Twenty-two athletes qualified for the Victorian Little Athletics State Track and Field Championships, which will be held at Casey Field on March 14 and 15.

● Ryan Schwarz had exciting times on the horizon after being selected by Sports Travel Australia to part of a team representing the nation in Canada.

Schwarz's outstanding results from last year's School Track and Field Championships were the backbone of his selection, combined with strong results in recent action.

The tour will see him compete around Vancouver, as well as in Los Angeles on the trip back Down Under.

With only four months to go, Schwarz is looking to raise funds for the trip and any offers of help would be greatly appreciated.

● Full results from Region Track and Field Carnival

Gold: under-nine: Ka’Mya Duncan (shot put, discus); Annaliese Gray (60m hurdles). Under-10: Mitchell Mann (1100m walk). Under-12: Alice Ludlow (shot put, javelin); Emily Davies- (800m, 1500m); Noah Williams (80m hurdles). Under-13: Jacob Dimit (100m, 200m, shot put, discus); Reeve Evans (80m hurdles, 200m hurdles); Aden Schreck (javelin); Katie Barnes (1500m walk). Under-14: Ryan Schwarz (90m hurdles, long jump); Harriet Gall (80m hurdles, high jump). Under-16: Gretel Holmes (100m, 200m, 400m).

Silver: Under-nine: Georgia Robertson (100m). Under-10: Jack Ladd (shot put); Bailey Chenery (high jump). Under-11: Elliana Gray (400m); Elijah McLeod (80m hurdles); Nathan Stone (800m). Under-12: Alex Barnes (1500m walk); Alice Ludlow (discus). Under-13: Reeve Evans (discus); Khyara Austen (shot put). Under-14: Ryan Schwarz (100m); Chris Vaitohi (200m); Harriet Gall (200m hurdles); Haylee Stone (800m). Under-15: Charlette Gray (triple jump, shot put).

Bronze: Under-nine: Georgia Robertson (200m); Annaliese Gray (shot put, 700m walk); Mitchell O’Shea (60m hurdles). Under-10: Cassandra Mayne (70m, long jump); Scarlett Bensch (800m); Lily Baragwanath (high jump). Under-12: Noah Williams (triple jump). Under-13: Reeve Evans (100m); Aden Schreck (shot put). Under-14: Matthew Dimit (100m, 200m, shot put); Haylee Stone (1500m).

Others: Under-nine: Georgia Robertson (long jump - fourth, 400m - fifth); Annaliese Gray (long jump - eighth); Finnian McLeod (discus - fifth, high jump - sixth, 70m - seventh, 400m - eighth); Mitchell O’Shea (100m - seventh); Tom Chenery (60m hurdles- fifth, 800m - sixth, long jump - seventh, 200m - eighth.

Under-10: Cassandra Mayne (100m - sixth, high jump - eighth); Lily Baragwanath (60m hurdles - eighth, 70m - ninth, long jump - 10th); Scarlett Bensch (200m - seventh, long jump - 11th); Lucy Hemming (400m - sixth, 800m - sixth, 200m - ninth, long jump - 13th); Jack Ladd (200m - fourth, 70m - eighth, long jump - 10th); Mitchell Mann (200m - seventh, 800m - seventh, long jump - 14th); Bailey Chenery (400m - fifth, 60m hurdles - fifth, 800m - sixth).

Under-11: Elijah McLeod (high jump - fifth, 200m - eighth, 100m - ninth); Nathan Stone- triple jump - sixth); Elliana Gray (80m hurdles - fourth, high jump - fourth, triple jump - sixth); Serana Evans (javelin - fifth, shot put - sixth, long jump - 11th).

Under-12: Alex Barnes (400m - eighth, 800m - eighth, 1500m - eighth); Noah Williams (100m - sixth, high jump - eighth).

Under-13: Katie Barnes (1500m - fifth, 400m - seventh, 800m - seventh); Amelia Gall- Javelin - fourth, long jump - sixth, discus - seventh).

Under-14: Harriet Gall (triple jump - fifth); Matthew Dimit (javelin - fifth) ; Chris Vaitohi (discus - fourth, long jump - fifth).

Under-15: Charlette Gray (100m - fourth, 200m - sixth).