When Oddie returned to the sports section after its long hiatus, there were concerns about how much content would present itself on a weekly basis.

But the Goulburn Valley and its exports continue to pleasantly surprise with their oddball exploits.

A marketplace Bunge-l

An advertisement on Facebook marketplace caught Oddie's eye this week.

Strathmerton premiership player Zeke Bunge has surely been stitched up by his mates after a post appeared offering his services as a "2's footballer" for free.

Included in the description was "free to a new home no longer needed at the dog pound.”

For those interested, the ad also listed delivery as optional.

Invergordon on the national stage?

Port Adelaide defender — and Katamatite product — Tom Clurey will take part in a charity cricket clash on February 2 to help raise funds for bushfire relief.

Listed as a lower-order hitter for the Power in the Bushfire T20 Showdown, Clurey will brings years of cricket nous with Invergordon to the contest.

While Inver faithful on Twitter felt Clurey was stiff to miss out on all-rounder classification due to his Clive Rose-like offies which "turn heaps when they miss the pitch" — and implored him to wear the trademark yellow club wide-brim hat in the game — they also warned captain Tom Jonas to keep him well away from the slips cordon.

Deniliquin's Todd Marshall will also line-up in the fixture.

'Corona’ virus strikes in Shepparton

News senior sports journalist Alex Mitchell was off sick to begin the week, and Oddie believes it has tracked down the source of the upset stomach.

Sports editor Tyler Maher produced Coronas all round for Mitchell and regular sports team adoptee Liam Nash on Sunday night before realising he was short of a lemon or lime.

Not wanting to disappoint his crew, Maher procured some lemon juice in a bottle from the darkest corner of the fridge and dolled out a few drops of the citrus substitute.

Oddie has pointed the finger at this move for lumping Mitchell with the dreaded ‘Corona’ virus.