GVBBL | Round two changes for Tyler Maher’s side

By Tyler Maher

The Van Zyl-ophones have plenty of ground to make up after posting a middling total of 343 in round one of the Shepp News GVBBL Fantasy competition.

It leaves us the best part of 200 points behind the frontrunners, but the unavailability of a number of marquees for round two action tomorrow means we have to get funky with our trades.

Richard Oliver was on fire for the Crushers and the Van Zyl-ophones, posting a fantasy total of 95, but must make way this week due to Vic Super Slam duties with Geelong.

I will be backing Wian Van Zyl in to take the bit between his teeth with fellow Panthers opener James Seymour missing out tomorrow, but despite a respectable 19 from Mitch Winter-Irving he is also on the way out of my side.

Due to Oliver's fellow marquee Peter Cassidy and franchise skipper Josh McDonald also set to be missing in action at Northern Oval - and the strict trading and team structure policies in place in GVBBL Fantasy - I have to park a star player on the pine as 12th man.

Because I have Mud Dog Winter-Irving and the Hounds will also be without both of their marquees I am backed into a corner in terms of upgrading a drafted player to a contracted one.

It means I will trade Winter-Irving to his brother Hamish - who comes into the side this round and should score more points than his sibling - and switch Oliver for McDonald.

Bringing in a player who is not actually playing this week seems a strange strategy - and will likely blow up in my face - but I am backing in Hamish to go nuts with bat and ball against the Panthers.

It means I am going to double down on his efforts and give him the captain's armband, with Van Zyl taking the vice-captain role.

Van Zyl-ophones

Josh McDonald (12th man)

Wian Van Zyl (vc)

Hamish Winter-Irving (c)

Kyle Humphrys

Michael Eckard

Jedd Wright

Layton McCann

Lewis Rankin

Ramadan Yze

Andrew Riordan

Hadleigh Sirett

Michael Archer