Skipper O’Sullivan overjoyed with winning Lions season

By Meg Saultry

Ellie O’Sullivan may have already been a premiership player before yesterday, but she can now call herself as a premiership captain.

With O’Sullivan one of five players in the squad to be a part of Seymour’s 2015 flag, her and coach Elle McDonald have again led the Lions to the top of the pack.

“It just feels amazing, we had such a great season,” O’Sullivan said after yesterday's grand final triumph against Shepparton United.

“To get this far, it was our end goal and then to take away the win, we’re just really happy with the outcome.”

As one half of the team’s shooting unit, O’Sullivan has this year joined forces with Lions newcomer Jess Lallo.

After some teething problems at the beginning of their partnership, come the final match of the season O’Sullivan and Lallo proved unstoppable in and around the ring.

“Jess and I started a bit rocky, which you’d expect from a new goaling partnership,” O’Sullivan said.

“But her and I have just grown together.

“We found our form at the right time this season.”

With Seymour the league's best defensive team this year, O'Sullivan and Lallo have made sure to take stock of what their counterparts are doing at the other end of the court.

“Our defence end, that is just an unstoppable defence end,” O'Sullivan said.

“We’ve really, as an attack end, taken from that defence end to try and use that momentum.

“We know we’re going to get the turnovers, so we’ve got to convert from that.”

While steadying to post a match-winning score in a grand final would be a daunting task to some, O'Sullivan said she and Lallo took the job in their stride.

“It’s crazy not to have nerves,” O’Sullivan said with a laugh.

“But Jess and I spent a bit of time before the game to try and focus.

“Our main goal was to stay connected with each other and keep communicating and try and be there for each other in the goal ring.

“There is so much pressure in shooting those goals.

“But I think we came out firing today.”