Heatwave for next 48 hours

By Rodney Woods

Northern Victoria and southern Riverina's typical summer heat is expected to arrive early with today and tomorrow's highs nearing orsurpassing 40 degrees celsius.

The Bureau of Meteorology is forecasting a top of 37 degrees and sunny conditions today for Shepparton before strong winds and a top of 41 is forecast for tomorrow.

Seymour is likely to reach 35 today before the winds pick up and a top of 39 is forecast for Thursday.

In NSW, Deniliquin is forecast to reach 38 degrees on Wednesday before a scorching 42-degree top with strong winds forecast for tomorrow.

While Corowa is forecast for 35 today and 42 tomorrow, also accompanied with high winds.

BOM senior meteorologist Richard Carlyon said fire danger concerns were justified by a lack of rainfall documented and scheduled strong winds.

“Over the last six weeks or so there has been very little rainfall," he said.

"Normally spring can be one of the wetter times of the year, but we just haven’t seen any rain bands develop ahead of cold fronts.

“It has been very dry of late and as temperatures increase, particularly with these windy changes the fire dangers can escalate very quickly.”

Mr Carlyon said temperatures were set to ease later this afternoon from a northerly wind, which would prepare the state for tomorrow's heat.

“The temperature will be in the high 20s to low 30s for most of tonight,” he said.

“The short burst of heat has come through from WA and it’s only just glancing over Victoria for about 48 hours which will be followed by some mild weather heading to the weekend.”

Mr Carlyon said winds across central and eastern ranges caused concern.

“The winds look to be strong during the morning ... a warning for damaging winds may be issued at that time,” he said.

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