HDFNL chairman calls for easing on player points in 2021

By Brayden May

HEATHCOTE District League chairman Peter Cole believes the cancelled season should count as being played, in terms of any player point deductions or additions for 2021.

In normal circumstances, a player would receive a one-point discount for playing the minimum of five senior or reserves games in a year.

But the decision to cancel the competition has left an extensive list of questions of what could happen before 2021.

“What we would like to see happen is that every player who was registered with one of our clubs this year be counted as having played in regards to the points because it's not their fault that they aren't,” Cole told Australian Community Media.

“We think all player points values for next year should be the same as what they would have been had we been playing this season.”

AFL Central Victoria regional manager Carol Cathcart said any decision would be made by AFL Victoria's Community Club Sustainability Working Party.

“We have asked the question of AFL Victoria and the panel which provides us the guidelines around the player points are still to meet and make any decisions, which is partly due to waiting and see if leagues will get up this year,” Cathcart said.

“If some leagues get up and others don't and could that mean players can move without penalty, so there's a fair bit that will need to go into it.”

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