Locals helping locals

By Anna McGuinness

Hearing about the bushfires and the toll they were taking on wildlife, Rochester's Catriona Jenkins tipped out her loose change jar filled with coins.

She counted out $80 worth of change to donate to the RSPCA Appeal.

Having tried both banks in town ( she did not have an account with either), Catriona was still stuck with her bag of coins which she wanted to convert into notes so she could donate.

Exasperated, she turned to local supermarket Major’s SUPA IGA.

She said she thought there was no harm in trying, so she asked if her coins could be swapped for notes.

“He could’ve just said go to Echuca and go to your bank there,” she said.

But in an act reminiscent of the generous spirit shown during Australia’s bushfire crisis, they said yes.

The coins were counted and Ms Jenkins was able to donate to animals in need.

She wanted to give a call out to Brad Major and Major’s IGA for the good deed.