Free financial advice for Victorian women over 50

By James Arbuthnott

VICTORIAN women over 50 have access to free financial information and referral services that give advice on having difficult conversations about money, financial abuse and attitudes towards money.

The My Money Conversation Kit by the Women’s Information Referral Exchange used workshops around the state to better understand the needs of older women and non-binary and gender-diverse people.

Minister for Women Gabrielle Williams said the project aimed to build confidence in older women by reducing economic inequality, as women tend to live longer, earn less than men and face financial hardship as they age.

“This toolkit is a simple but powerful tool to help women build financial skills and confidence — because you need to fully understand your own financial circumstances before you can change them,” Ms Williams said.

“Empowering women to create a more positive and informed attitude to money can have significant outcomes — such as creating the economic safety to leave financially abusive relationships.”

Funded under the gender equality strategy, free information and referral services are available at or by calling 1300 134 130.