Drug driver caught twice

Guilty plea: A man who was caught drug driving twice has faced court. Photo by Holly Daniel

A man who was caught drug driving twice has now stopped taking drugs after having a heart attack, a court has heard.

David McMahon, 56, from Shepparton, pleaded guilty in Shepparton Magistrates’ Court to two counts of drug driving.

Prosecutor Senior Constable Luke Lund told the court McMahon was found with methamphetamines in his system after being stopped while driving in Nethersole Crt in Shepparton on June 1, 2020.

He also tested positive to methamphetamines when he was drug tested by police after they pulled him over on April 30 last year.

On both occasions, McMahon denied any drug use, Sen Constable Lund said.

McMahon’s defence solicitor said his client had used drugs “sporadically and casually” but had stopped after he suffered a heart attack in January this year.

Magistrate Marita Altman fined McMahon $1000 and ordered him to pay $84.40 in court costs.

McMahon’s driver’s licence was also cancelled and he was disqualified from driving for 12 months.

“There was a bit of a disturbing pattern, which I’m pleased to hear, by virtue of his health, has come to an end,” Ms Altman said.

The magistrate denied a request from the defence that no conviction be recorded in the matter.

“The prevalence of this sort of offending is far too high and the consequences are far too high,” she said.